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Copyright (C) Allan Larson 2023, Mark of the Beast Explained.

As a career computer programmer, it appears the 666 mark-of-the-beast mentioned in Revelation 13 is obvious. My normal activity as a programmer is setting file permissions. These permissions are three sets of octal values. The sets are USERS, GROUPS, and OTHERS with octal being a number from zero to seven. The value 666 means everyone (USERS, GROUPS, and OTHERS) have Read and Write permissions. The value 777 means everyone has Read, Write, and Execution permissions. The conclusion would be that this “manmade number” 666 implies permissions. This last Beast described in Revelation 13 and also mentioned in Daniel as being made of metal, seems to point to modern day AI (artificial intelligence). With 666 limiting people to only Read/Write activities and not Execution of anything, the AI Beast could control the lives of everyone. Try looking at a thesaurus for other meanings of Read/Write/Execute such as Read = recite, peruse, study, interpret; Write = inscribe, compose, enter, contact; and Execute = perform, effect, accomplish, finish, kill, achieve.

In summary: The 4th beast in Revelation is referred to as the manmade number 666. The 4th beast in the book of Daniel is made of metal, which could be computer hardware. Because chmod is a computer command and AI is computer software and AI runs on computer hardware, this is why the 666 Beast is AI (artificial intelligence).

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