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-- Oct 2020 - Praise God for three godly, moral Supreme Court Justices added by our current president.  There are only nine Justices, which serve until they die or retire. It is rare that one presidential term can do this: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.

-- Jan 2020 - created website for Enoch and Elijah Endtime Ministries:

-- Feb 2020 - created Facebook Group for Enoch and Elijah Endtime Ministries:

  Facebook Group: Two End Timers

-- Jan 2019 - started leading worship and preaching at the Erie County Prison ministry.

-- May 2019 - started leading worship monthly at a Celebrate Recovery ministry.

-- Feb 2013 - open a Christian store and prayer-box booth at the Erie Mall.

-- Feb 2010 - started leading worship and substitute preaching for the Erie Christian Fellowship's quarterly Sunday morning Erie City Mission outreach.

-- April 2005 - started weekly Erie City Mission worship and preaching ministry.

-- Mar 1997 - started weekly Memphis Union Mission worship and preaching ministry.


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