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Products - Popular Music Remix CD - $9

Songs on this CD:  (below, click name for samples)

Rocky Top (Written by Bryant)
She Be Coming Around the Mountain (1800s folk song)
Oh Susanna (1849 Gold Rush)
Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Written by Fogerty)
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Written by Lightfoot)
Please Come to Boston (Written by Loggins)
Piano Man (Written by Joel)
The Red River Valley (1879 folk song)
The Rose (Written by Broom)
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Written by Rose)
Catch the Wind (Written by Donvan)
Amazing Grace (Written by Newton 1800s)

Copyright © 2011, Allan L. Larson.  All Rights Reserved.
Vocals, Trumpet, Violin, Keys and Acoustic/Electric/Bass Guitars
performed by AL Larson
royalties have been paid to the authors through HFA Mechanical Licensing.